Flexibility, speed and quality in steel moulding.

A complete production

We are ready for challenge: thanks to our design department and the complete control of the production process we are able to produce items suitable for every request, even the most particular, working every type of steel.

  • Flexibility
  • Experience
  • Know how
  • Quality
  • Control
  • Customer Satisfaction

By 40 years we satisfy the requirements of large multinational companies and interpret the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, promoting market competitiveness.

This is our ambition.

Our range of work and services fully covers the requirement of steel moulding, and enable us to be the one-stop partner throughout the whole production process.

The excellence of Italian manufacturing

Nuova Sarm supervise every step of the steel moulding process.
Quality, from us, comes in many ways: product quality, process quality, monitoring of suppliers and service quality.

Contact us without hesitation for more information or a quote on request. Our technical department is at your disposal.

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